Monday, August 31, 2015

Rocksbox Set #5

I got my 5th Rocksbox in the mail a week or two ago and wanted to share my gems with you fabulous folks!! I have to tell you I love Rocksbox more and more with each box they send me. Nothing beats getting treats in the mail and know matter who you are; a mom of three, a fashionista wanting to changing up here jewelry once in awhile or a broke college student. I’ve learned that anything that comes directly to my doorstep with my name on it is a win, it like a early birthday present just for you. 

I've already fallen for a few trends and styles, since trying Rocksbox, that I would never have tried before. It justs you out of your comfort zone and makes you try something you would pass up normal. 

Jules Smith Zoe Bullet Cuff
A sleek Jules Smith bracelet with crossover bands. Cone studs accent the open ends. I liked the bracelet but the only flaw was that it was a pain to get on and something scratched my skin because of the points on the end of the bullets. Other then that I liked how simple and sleek it was. Plus it went with everything, which I love. 

Wanderlust + Co Crystal Gold Ear Cuff
This is 14k gold plated and I not talking about the carrot cake. I love this whimsical earrings. I am especially fond of the fact that they add enough drama to my outfit without being heavy or that I can still wear a "statement earpiece" without worrying if my earrings will snag my necklace or compete with it!! I got constant compliments on these and would recommend them to anyone!  I am so glad Rocksbox sent them and I even more happier that I spent my Shine Spend on them!!!

If I haven't convinced you yet I have another great thing about Rocksbox is that it is also Eco-friendly in that when you join and become a member you can borrow, buy or swap at any time three pieces of jewelry that’s curated for you based on a quiz when you sign up for a monthly fee. Use this code when you sign up to receive your first month free! Use code: smalltwncharmxoxo

*Just a note: The Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in Cobalt Cat's Eye will come in a later post.*

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