Friday, May 15, 2015

It's Flashback Friday Daddio!!!

A subculture of young people and students were rebelling against the mainstream. They emerged as a rejection for the conformity and materialism of the 1950’s. They wore  black turtleneck sweaters, stove-pipe trousers, dark glasses and berets. They hung out in coffee shops reciting poetry in Greenwich Village. The baby book Urban Babies Wear Black, by Michelle Sinclair Colman and Illustrations by Nathalie Diondresses the baby on the cover like a beatnik, all in black and wearing a black cap. They even have a page in the book that says urban babies drink latte, like the beatnik generation did. I can just picture this little baby in the Gaslight, in the Village sipping milk and hitting the bongos. I wonder what this urban baby’s first word is. “Daddio”?

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