Monday, March 16, 2015

Feathers and Frills

Ginger Rogers had some serious style. Ginger Rogers liked to take part in the design of the clothing that she wore. One of the clothing pieces that she designed was an ostrich feather gown that she wore in a movie with Fred Astaire. Ginger Rogers wore the most incredible satin bodice/ostrich feather dress in Top Hat.  Look how the dress moves as Ginger dances cross the floor it is incredible and the fullness of the feather skirt made it appear like she was floating on a cloud.  Ginger Rogers’s style is still dancing around and you can channel the great Ginger Rogers in these truly inspired feather skirts. 


The feather skirts that Glamour magazine displayed are glamorous wardrobe piece; interesting textures and materials make for great statement skirts. There are so many ways you can wear them. You can make it into an outfit fit for a cocktail party or dress it down for a fun casual date. So many options from a vintage rock and roll tee shirt and heels to a sequined top. Frilly feathers dress down or up and will make you want to dance backwards in high heels. 


The simple elegance dress and skirt Taylor Swift​​ & Karlie Kloss​ are wearing in the March Vogue issue have a Ginger Rogers-ness to them. I can just picture this two fabulous outfit floating/dancing stunningly a ballroom or in a modern day remake of Top Hat. Now all you will need is Fred Astaire.

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  1. Love those feathers! So pretty! A couple years ago I spotted this beauty in a Paris flea market, I totally had to photograph it!


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