Monday, December 7, 2015

Meet Llinos, My Solidarity Sister

I can't believe this month aka November is over. This month I was fortunate to be involved with Solidarity Sisters hosted by Susannah at Simple Moments Stick!  So today it's my privilege to introduce my Solidarity Sister!!  Over this month I have been chatting with Llinos from The Lilac Linet. It’s been a lot of fun and our month of chatting has culminated in today’s post. A personal interview, we wrapped things up by asking each other some fun questions and getting to know each other even more!! 

What are your favourite blog posts to write?
Sometimes it's the random ones, like Youtube channels and gift roundups.  I love it when you get an idea for a post and have to write it immediately!

What's your favorite day of the week?

Obviously it's Saturday.  If I could bottle the promise of Saturday morning then I would be a millionaire!

How would your dream Christmas look?

It's me at home with my parents, in the house I grew up in, with my boyfriend there too.  We get up and open our gifts, then have dinner about 1pm.  After that we play games all afternoon until it's time to have a turkey sandwich and watch It's a Wonderful Life :-)

If you could spend the day with one movie star, who would you choose?

Natalie Dormer.  I am a huge fan of hers and will basically watch anything that she stars in.  I loved her in The Tudors and from there my admiration of her just grew.  I even wrote to her and received a signed photo, which made me so happy!  I would love to just have lunch with her and chat about life, her career and discuss fashion.  

Do you have a favorite winter drink?

At the moment I adore mint mocha!  It's just a really comforting drink filled with flavour, ideal for curling up with of an evening on the sofa.

This is the first time I have participated in Solidarity Sisters, and it was a lot of fun. If you are a blogger who is looking for support and new genuine connections I encourage you to check it out.

Simple Moments Stick


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your Solidarity Sisters pairing! I hope you choose to do it again! <3

  2. What an awesome way to highlight the relationship that you have created. This month (December) is my first time with a Solidarity Sister and I hope we create a friendship like you two have.


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