Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Find: ROAR for Good

Photo by ROAR for Good
Live your life boldly and without fear. 
At ROAR for Good, a Philadelphia startup, their mission is just that. ROAR for Good, is creating wearable fashionable safety device (self-defense wearable technology) to increase the safety of everywhere. 
During ROAR for Good market research, they discovered that women are generally dislike using self-defense products like mace, etc. Women found them intimidating, aggressive, combative, and were concerned that they could be potentially overpowered and their own self-defense tool used as a weapon against them. 
For that reason, ROAR for Good wanted and is changing that!
ROAR will offer fashionable, smart jewelry that you want to wear but they also doubles as a panic button. Once the ROAR device is activated, it will send a LOUD alarm that will emit from the device. It will also text your GPS location to your family and friends. But most importantly it alerts authorities. How you ask? While your phone will call and send 911 and your emergency contacts your distress signal and your location. Amazing Right!!!

ROAR didn't just want to fix the problem with a piece of duct tape or a safety-pin. That is why they are not only creating amazing product but they are investing part of their proceeds into educational programs that teach young boys about healthy relationships which has been proven to increase empathy.
It goes without saying that ROAR is a great, smart (and fashionable) tool for women everywhere.  
ROAR will be accepting preorders for ROAR Athena very soon, so stay tuned!!

Sign up for more information HERE and stay safe!!

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