Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Please Don't Lick The Screen

Pop art legend Andy Warhol has created many memorable paintings, but his painting / advertisement of lifesavers that says “Please do not lick this page is my favorite. I like the color and the witty saying at the bottom of the page. This is why for my Fashion Photography assignment, Artist Inspiration, I choose this painting. I did my layout a little different. Instead of lining up my lifesavers in perfect lines and rows, I decided to make a pile of them. I had both hard and gummy lifesavers to have different textures and different colors. I used part of the original saying,” Please do not lick this page,” but I substituted the word photo for the word page. I also took a picture with the saying,” Please do lick this photo,” just for fun. The lifesaver advertisement was great inspiration for my photography.

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