Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cinematic Style

There’s no denying that Eva Marie Saint is a beauty, but some of her clothes in this film are simply divine. Take this dress as the most obvious – and stunning – example of the Signature a line dress (the new look) that Eva Marie Saint wore in Alford Hitchcock’s film North by Northwest. Eva entices in this nearly off-the-shoulder red floral silk dress and the style and pattern have stayed classic with modern twists. Alice + Olive (the end dresses) have two dresses that capture Eva’s dress from the movie. The Red dress on the left has the boat neck just like Eva’s dress, but instead of an a-line, it is a gathered waist, but the floral print is quite similar. The dress on the end at the right is woven with hints of gold threads, Alice + Olivia’s floral-brocade floral print is a little different but it captures the same feel. The stiff lining gives the flounce skirt extra volume, drawing attention to a minuscule waist, which makes it look like Eva’s dress. The third dress I couldn’t’t find the designer but the length of the dress, the print and the waist gives it the Eva’s dress feel. All these dresses have their own unique North by Northwest feel to them but none of them are like the original.

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